Bitcoin-Miner Bitmain AntMiner S3+ ASIC Miner 453 GH/s

Need advice before i get into bitcoin mining

someone is selling bitcoin mining hardware Bitmain Antminer S3+ Bitcoin Miners for around $320. if i buy 2 or more he will sell it at a reduced price. will update once he replies. is this worth it?
can this be run on solar power? if so how big does the solar panel have to be?
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Small start-up mining plan.

Hey, new here and to bitcoin mining as well.
I live in UK and have about 2000GBP to spend. I am looking at Antminer S3 Bitcoin Miner for 455GBP each. Electricity I can have for free.
Will it break even?Can I make a profit? Are these better than GPU set-ups?
Thank you in advance.
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Antminer Bitcoin Miner S3, With Power Supply No Cover With It

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Antminer Bitcoin Miner S3, With Power Supply No Cover With It

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Antminer Bitcoin Miner S3, With Power Supply No Cover With It

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Bitcoin Miner – Bitmain Antminer S3 (PSU NOT INCLUDED) 440+ GH/s

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Bitcoin Miner – Bitmain Antminer S3 (PSU NOT INCLUDED) 440+ GH/s

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Antminer Bitcoin Miner S3, With Power Supply No Cover With It

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Bitcoin Miner – Bitmain Antminer S3+ (No PSU) 440 GH/s

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Bitcoin Miner – Bitmain Antminer S3+ (No PSU) 440 GH/s

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Learning about bitcoin

I don't really understood or wanted to understand bitcoin or any other crypto currency as I didnt see the benefit it can bring to me. I still don't see the benefit that it can bring to me, however I realized that its the future and my children would benefit from it. Anyway to cut a very long story short a friend of mine whos been in to bitcoin for a while decided to educate me on it on a drunken night out, obviously i didn't really care to listen so he decided to teach me a lesson.
He gave me an antminer s3 and a link to this group. He said make a wallet set the miner up and for my hard work he will give me some parts of a btc ...
Now after a whole day of reading through articles and everything I'm still there where i started.
So my question is did my friend just wanted to make fun of me by giving me some old hardware ?
This stuff still working and im just looking in the wrong places for information?
Is there anyone who can help me set it up to teach him a lesson ?:))
Thanks for all the feedback even the ones who will take the piss as im sure there will be plenty :)
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How much would four of these mini bitcoin machines cost?

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Cybtc Review: Bitmain Antminer S15-28TH/s

Cybtc Review: Bitmain Antminer S15-28TH/s
Bitmain is a technology company specializing in high-speed, low-power custom chip design and development, successfully designed and produced a variety of ASIC custom chips and integrated systems. Bitmain was founded in 2013. In the same year, it launched the first generation bitcoin mining machine of the ant mining machine series - Antminer S1. After more than five years of development, the antminer series bitcoin mining machine passed S1, S2, S3, S4 Iterations of multiple models of S5, S7 and S9, the latest bitcoin mining models are S15 and T15, which will be sold on November 8, 2018.

The Antminer S15 adopts a new 7nm chip process. The official evaluation of the S15 is durable, energy saving. Emphasizing the characteristics of "high performance, more durable, and more power saving". From the officially announced parameters, the Antminer S15 is built in. Standard and low-power mining modes. The officially announced parameters have a unit-to-power ratio of 57J/T in standard mode, and the unit-to-power ratio of low-power mode has reached 50J/T. Compared to the products in the current market, in terms of Bitcoin miners, this unit power consumption ratio has set a new record.

Antminer S15 official parameters,

Recently, the Antminer S15 has sent to Cybtc for testing. Please see the third-party independent review by us.

I. Unpacking:

Because the Antminer S15 adopts a new all-in-one and parallel fan design, the packaging box has changed from the previous generations. The previous cuboid has changed into a square-like style. The packaging material is still packaged in an industrial carton, and the box is marked manufacturer information, logistics warehousing logo, mining machine specification model and strip identification code, outer box size: 486*388*265, weight about 8.7kg.

The interior of the two pieces of styrofoam is firmly packed in the box from the upper and lower sides to ensure the safety of the mining machine during transportation. There is also a gap around the pearl foam for easy access.

Take out the styrofoam on one side to see the main body of the mining machine. The mining machine is wrapped by an anti-electrostatic bag. Compared with the box, the mining machine looks very small and only takes up about half of the box space.

The Antminer S15 changed the style of single-tube with double cooling fans as S1-S9 models, and became a dual-fan parallel single-side air intake and adopted the integrated machine design of the mining machine + power supply. The whole machine size is 279*175*221mm, weight 7.13 kg.

The Antminer S15 is small and neat, the air inlet side and the mining machine interface side are on the same side, the fan is removed from the air outlet side, and a honeycomb-shaped baffle is used.

The advantage of the all-in-one design is that the wire connection is reduced. The appearance of the mining machine is more compact, and the use and operation and maintenance are more convenient. The connection between the Antminer S15 mining machine and the power supply uses a clip-connected design, and the controller and the power board are still connected by flat signal cable.

The nameplate of the mining machine body is marked with the model number, hash rate, and identification bar code. If the bottom part can increase the anti-slip mat, it is better to strengthen the stability of the mining machine when it is placed horizontally. The mining machine supports the erect and horizontal two ways. On the rack, the miner can choose the placement method according to the size of the mine rack.

II. Antminer S15 installation:

The design of the Antminer S15 all-in-one machine reduces the link of the power line of the plugging and unloading machine. As long as it is placed in the rack, plug in the power cable and the network cable to complete the hardware installation.

Find the mine IP address. Antminer S15 mining machine is automatically assigned IP mode, you can enter the local router to view the IP address named "antMiner".

Or use the ant official mining machine management software BitmainMinerTool to scan the IP address of the current mining machine. You can also use the management software to set the mining pool address and worker name, update the firmware, etc. When the number of mining machines is large, you can also use the mining machine. IP report button to find the IP address of the mining machine.

To view the real-time status of a single mining machine, you need to enter the mining machine control page. First, enter the mining machine IP into the control page home page, and then enter the default user name and password (the default is root) to enter the mining machine control page.

The new mining machine needs to modify the name of the mining pool and miners, click on the “Miner Configuration” page to modify the main mining pool address and worker name, and modify the two alternate mining pool addresses and miners' names as needed. Antminer S15 has built-in standard and low-power mining modes, so you can easily select any mode mining on this page according to your needs. After each setting is completed, click “Save&Apply” to save the settings and apply.

After saving, the miner will restart the mining procedure. After about a few minutes of normal operation of the mining machine, you can enter the mining operation interface “Miner Status” to check the operation of the mining machine, including running time, hash rate, Chip status, operating frequency, PCB board and chip temperature, fan speed and other parameters information.

III. Review:

The Antminer S15 has standard mining mode and low power consumption mode. Therefore, we tested the two modes for 24 hours respectively. The test environment temperature is about 17 degrees, and the noise value is around 36 decibels.

After the mining machine is turned on, the fan runs at full speed, the power consumption of the boot is about 25W and further increases slowly, and the noise level is up to 81.2 dB.

Standard mode test

Power consumption: The miner's chip is fully operational, and the control page power is 28T. The measured power consumption of the miner is 1610-1620W, which is in line with the officially announced 1596W ±7% level.

Noise: Due to the low ambient temperature, the number of fan rotations is basically stable at around 3120 rpm. The noise value of the operating environment is measured to be 76.5 decibels. The distance of the mine is 27.7 meters, and the noise level is properly controlled.

Temperature: Antminer S15 has a total of four mining boards. There are four temperature-sensing modules distributed on each calculation board. The chip temperature is at least 44 degrees and the highest is 78 degrees. Thanks to the Exposed Die package, the outlet temperature is about 42 degrees. The power outlet temperature is about 28 degrees.

Because the Antminer S15 adopts the one-piece design, We also test the contact temperature of the power supply and the mining machine's power board. It can be clearly seen that the temperature values ​​of each point are different.

Hash rate: After 24 hours test in the mining pool, the average hash rate of the Antminer S15 in 24 hours was 28.56 TH/s. Thus calculate the unit energy efficiency ratio = 1620W / 28.56 ≈ 56.72W / T, and the official published data 57 J / T consistent.

Low power mode test

Power consumption: After checking the option behind “Low Power Mode” on the Antminer S15 Pool Settings page and saving the application, the miner can run in low power mode. After the power of the mining machine control page reaches 17T, the measured power consumption is up to 836.6W, and the running data meets the official data of 775W ±7% - 900W ±7%.

Noise: As the power and power consumption are reduced, the fan speed is basically stable at around 2400 rpm, the measured operating environment noise value is 77 decibels, and the distance measured by the mining machine is about 66 decibels at a distance of 2 meters. The noise level and the standard mode. At the same level.

Temperature: The four mining board chips have a minimum temperature of 25 degrees and a maximum of 62 degrees. The outlet temperature is about 30 degrees, which is slightly lower than the standard mode. The temperature of the power outlet is about 20 degrees.

Contact point temperature value between the power supply and mining machine mining board.

Hash rate: After 24 hours of testing in the mine, the average 24-hour power was measured at 17.5TH/S. Thus calculate the unit energy efficiency ratio = 836.6W / 17.5 ≈ 47.8W / T, lower than the official published data 50 J / T.

IV. Summary:

Two built-in mining modes. The power consumption per unit of power in low-power mode is lower than 50W/T, which is better. The lower the power consumption ratio, the lower the price of the shutdown.
One machine design reduces the wire, beautiful and convenient.
Exposed Die package improves heat dissipation, increasing the number of chips per unit volume and reducing heat sinks, reducing overall weight.
The new AWP8 power supply is used, easy to assemble and disassemble.
The machine noise is lower and the temperature is lower than other mining machines.
The calculation power of the whole machine is stable and fluctuating.

Finally, exposed power connectors may cause problems if touch the iron on the shelf. Maybe it can have improvement.

The Antminer series mining machine has evolved from S1 to S15, and the computing power has evolved from S180's 180G/360W to S15's 28000G/1600W. This is not just a digital evolution, but also the ups and downs of the Bitcoin industry. The mining machine is upgrading. Bitcoin is advancing, leaving many stories in the chain, the currency circle and the mining ring than the ten-year journey of holding the currency. In the two-year life cycle of S9, S9's bitcoin mining machine market share is far ahead, and currently in the market background of the rising bitcoin computing power, the depressed bear market and more new mining machines, Whether the ant S15 can create a new benchmark for the bitcoin mining machine, time will give us the answer.

More miner and crypto reviews on:

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I need help with selecting the right PSU

So I'm new to BItcoin mining and have chosen the Antminer s3. But I don't know what PSU to use or how to connect it. I'm also confused about setting up the miner. Can anyone help?
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Bitcoin Mining Greater London

Hi London Miners (or basically everybody in the UK),
I would be interestest in
  1. a Meetup
  2. a kind of cooperation op to bundle efforts
  3. knowledge exchange
  4. meet people and not feel weird talking about Bitcoin as it would be something for Nerd's :)
My current setup is 5 S7 1 S3 1 S9 and a full Node (mac basis)
this is growing too big(for my current environment) and I plan to expand
I figured out my way for trading, exchange Antminer config even how you can make money with dips and also highs. But as always I am sure I can learn more and such a meetup or maybe WhatsApp group is beneficially for us or better each involved.
feel free to leave comments and of course PM me if you are interested.
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Thoughts on the current state of Bitcoin from someone who participates in much of the ecosystem [and tipping thread ;) ]

Hey guys,
So this is something I've been looking at for a while now, and kind of seeing some things die and other things be born. Some things are getting easier, and other things getting more difficult. I want to take this time to outline the last few months and how my sentiment is reflected towards the market. I have to say, the market generally matches how my "emotions" playout towards the ecosystem as a whole.
I'll outline just a few short things on both the bearish and the bullish sides of my sentiment, even if things don't effect the overall sentiment much (at least according to most traders and people) I'd like to point them out because I view them as notable.
Some of the not so good things that have been happening:
Anyway, in many respects it feels like a lot of the bitcoin ecosystem is dying, and maybe we should all panic, cry, and shit our pants, but a few things haven't been going badly, and in fact, I'm looking optimistic that the next time a surge of new users enters the market for whatever reason, there will be a much more developed and kind ecosystem to take part of. No one is going to be touting the next 5 second confirmation coin, no more of the ubiquitous "investment" opportunities that await the uninitiated.
Other than my love for bitcoin in general, this is what makes me not panic sell, and what keeps me optimistic about the bitcoin future:
Alright guys, thats my sentiment overview, and I hope it wasn't tl;dr for most of you. But one last thing I want to point out in terms of user growth. We need to break out of our comfort zone. We need to help people get into it. That btctipping dude? He has the right idea, except, it does kinda feel like he's promoting his own website? I dunno? Anyway, Changetip some newbies. Just the other day in the reddit lounge I tipped a guy a coffee, and he then said "Man that was evil, now I have to spend the next hour learning all about bitcoin"... who knows, maybe his sentiment that the media helped paint is one shade lighter now just from a a couple millibit tip. You can do that too, and I'm here to help you get started. I've got some millibits to give away, give me some awesome feedback, criticism or build your own thoughts on this thread. I tip you, then you go pay it forward. Lets do this!!!
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My Antminer S3+ is having problems since 3 days and I've done anything possible to repair it.

Hi, In my spare time I rent my miner for other to discover what is bitcoin mining (it's paying more than actually mining). Anyways, 3 days ago, I got a guy who wanted to rent it and when I went to change pool, the beeper made sounds. It normally does that, I power off/on and it's okay. But eversince that, I can't enter any pool adress in my miner.
Now, I've done: - Factory reset with button - Changed DNS to - Connected the controlboard trough my computer (with the help of the debug connector ''I don't know how to call it, english isn't my first language'') than resetted the miner
After all this stuff, the miner worked fine but I had to change pool adress again, now when I did, it beeped again, off/on, and won't mine.
I did the same procedure and now it mines, but pools keep dying (slushpool,antpool,zpool) even if they are good. Now, I'm afraid to change pools because the miner may not work proprely again.
I believe I have done everything possible and I can't seem to find where the problem is. Chips are fine, controlboard is (I believe) fine, ASIC seems fine (oooooooo oooooooo) but the software (or the pools) keep f*cking everything up.
Please help me, I am close to put it on eBay and sell it off AS-IS.
EDIT: I've also done a firmware reset and a firmware ugrade, both compatible with AntMiner S3+.
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IBM 2880W PSU/Breakout Boards - *NEW* Package deals for T9/S9 & A7

Please see here for IBM 4K PSU packages:
Please see here for GPU rig powering packages with all adapters necessary to run rigs off these PSU's!
The "Get Me Going" Package
(Tell the wife her dryer now runs on 12V and has blinking lights and loud fans) Simply add a C19 cable. - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 10x 24" PCIe cables
The "Double A (AntmineAvalon)" Package
Enough to power 2x Antminer S9's for as cheap as possible - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 20x 24" PCIe cables - 1x C19 power cable of choice (see below for stock)
The "Royale With Cheese" Package
(Perfect to run 2x Antminer S9's, mixing and matching lengths for flexibility and value.) - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 11x 24" PCIe cables - 11x 36" Deluxe PCIe cables - 1x C19 power cable of choice (see below for stock)
The "Pimp Daddy" Package (Add a 50A circuit and go big, with PDU included for clean, simple & safe install) - 3x 2880W PSU - 3x Breakout boards - 1x 40A 4-port PDU with breakers for each circuit - 30x 24" PCIe cables - 30x 36" Deluxe PCIe cables - 3x C19 power cables of choice (see below for stock)
Boards and cables ship from Canada, PSU's ship domestically in the US to save on shipping and any potential duty/taxes at the border.
Individual pricing Note: Bulk pricing is available, please contact me.
Board price - $65 each.
PSU (Refurbished) - IN STOCK. Includes ground shipping within the US.
I can supply PCI cables in two different configurations:
-36" Deluxe, high quality 16awg made in USA- $4.50 each (IN STOCK)
-24" standard 16 AWG cables - $2.50 each (IN STOCK)
C19 to C20 cable (14awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
C19 to NEMA 5-15P cable (14awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
C19 to NEMA 6-20P (12awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
40A continuous-rated PDU (requires 50A circuit): $120
24A continuous-rated PDU (requires 30A circuit): $60
60A 3-Phase Delta current-monitored PDU with remote access: $350
I have started to offer leasing packages for use in approved Data Centre/Co-locations. This can be beneficial for many reasons:
-Less upfront capital required, allowing more to be spent on additional mining hardware which can offset much or all of the cost of the lease
-Limits risk and cost of equipment failure, and associated down time due to failures
-Saves shipping costs for heavy PSU's to and from hosting location for duration of your contract
-No equipment depreciation
-Helps eliminate ownership problems associated with Group Buys, when more than 1 member shares purchase price of PSU to host together
-All maintenance, replacement, shipping, setup, and lost revenue from down-time due to PSU failure is my responsibility
Please contact me for details.
Shipping will be calculated individually, to make sure you are getting the best rate. All prices are in USD. I am willing to accept escrow through OGNasty, and can also do Paypal but buyer will be responsible for covering costs of either services (4% added to paypal, OG charges 1% for escrow).
Each package of PSU, breakout board & 10x PCI cables is approximately 16 lbs.
The BTC address for all non-escrow breakout board orders is here: 1GWQYCv22cAikgTgT1zFuAmsJ9fFqq9TXf I will not PM you asking for payments to any other address, so beware of F1nksy, Fink5y, or whatever scammy names might pop up.
Original Post:
Hi everyone,
I am the official North American distributor of Break-out boards for the IBM 2880W Bladecenter H PSU's, which are 80+ platinum rated (94%+ efficient) Edit: UN-VERIFIED AT THIS POINT and have provision for 22x PCI-E cables. Unlike other server boards, these don't rely on screw-down terminals and bare wires which can get loose and spark causing fire hazards, and limit the exposure of live contacts to surfaces above and below the PSU. Instead these use a double-sided PCI 6 pin cable, which only cost about $0.10 more than the standard PCI-6 to bare wire versions. Also, unlike the DPS-2000BB -which is the next largest server PSU available for miners- these have fans already built-in, so don't need extra work to set up up and deploy.
The PSU's themselves are available on e-bay and elsewhere (I sell them as well), and the boards will be priced at US $70 $65 each (better pricing for bulk purchase, volume structure will be the same as J4bberwock's). Each PSU can handle 2x Antminer S7's, 3x SP20's, 5 Antminer S5's, or 8 Antminer S3's. You won't find better value for power, and there are very few ATX-based PSU's that provide 80+ platinum efficiency (and none for under $200 for even 700-800 watts). Edit: UN-VERIFIED AT THIS POINT Lastly, unlike ATX-based PSU's, these can be run at (and I have found even over) their rated power, as they were designed that way for server use. They do, however, require 240V input. Also, running these over at over 90% load will give you slightly decreased efficiency, and could affect their reliability.
I have personally taken 3x SP20's to settings around 960 watts (at ports, not at wall) each for approximately 2 weeks, and the PSU drew 13.41 amps (@ 235 volts - 3150 watts @ wall). So at absolute full load (or possibly over), these will still hold over 90% efficiency. Very impressive, and I will be testing different fans to reduce sound for home mining (fans on these PSU's are slightly louder & higher pitched than SP20 fans). Sloopy informed me that he ran 11x Antminer S3's on a PSU for a while (over 3,300W DC!), but that is certainly not recommended, and will eventually cause the PSU to fail. It is simply a testament to how tough these PSU's truly are, and that spikes over their rated output shouldn't affect performance.
Here are some pictures:
Feel free to contact the developer of these boards if you have any concerns, he will verify that I am authorized to sell these.;u=206446
Here is the spec sheet with efficiency rating:
Thank you for your time,
J'observe qu'il y a plusieurs Québécois sur se forum. Mon Francais est au niveau primaire mais je peux communiquer sans probleme.
Me gusta mucho aprender español, y tengo un conocimiento muy básico (con traductores). Pruebame, si eres paciente
Here is my PGP key for anyone wishing to send their personal information encrypted:
Code:-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v2
mQENBFTl/j4BCADw0a0fUisOWh16Yl1/SC8p2vcGoGgV4MwxeaLSoLRdT2437E51 kd5giYj6Ki8ByNTunXBRr01yXplxL1Pp3yTo/GFmNqEm3XwIaq+rRRP6EIKb3U6Y SWSXfeck8J3+HJXrcCEdBA+Hp+ey8Mjg3/eb1ILMld+WKJPPDCQNKK3GJEp7DLtH Rtybq0BCsXou90KxHr37k0MQJY6u6zsM5yl0gpK5dVqZvIOfX+5MGb2hsfilU2cF 9ZJQt72LCwkdcxgRxBGYT6qVZtOoFe5RwI9nxGGRrlsCxG9vAf9sVUxSiY03najM r7qM8hQPGMtn79SLnkkQM4gt7suy3w1SJm6BABEBAAG0G0ZpbmtzeSA8cmZpbmtz NjlAZ21haWwuY29tPokBOQQTAQIAIwUCVOX+PgIbAwcLCQgHAwIBBhUIAgkKCwQW AgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEGhX1pvgBfqVKDEIAJA7ashSYaVUS/HUKB1F2nYEYtf2PlHn EvluHzsrND0XdMkKEI/vavZ4UHfAdFISmFhickLeLwvSI3TotVDtYd7dDkwT3rIs +QJCXMIRDFnyCge7o9DH4HwSWq8tQ+6xsPXBdJANR9kG+RtipatqJv3Yt8wEzYwu ECnkBnpu1rxhMgYGJhgaVNyhAEPKVUPfsFBTEpkQ9YppPFZp99Ahdk8pQoAUBKzQ +++oW7ju3OWBpRluPIWYvYvdfG+d29dAq5iQJBIdm/RCDxw0hidMeOxOqTpi0g55 W+XY5+DrKSnOpHy+LvC0Uss0xGZ0f/pmEDiNuZbJ96ZEL1rYefgfDKO5AQ0EVOX+ PgEIALZgnlkXFcm0jnEY33LWBDkpIihbMM8XAauwi3gS9G/GzqBG+ETq14g2AyW9 6O1TrVFm2Ue/KiT+sl4iekkcRCbjYgkr9eG82l56YazbSRoH84aX3KBx95BMAY96 O2IE52fySYaqj1SBRSgVJSCh1A6Wami/zQhqdND6tk92af4VmSKyR1yWOKqbE/v9 0uPJ+VWA/0CipSUVJS6GZmSfPCeHVTg3YGR2dzRploXl4qrB5leHvOmj2VwW2bzF 6YZKut5uqREJ2euchpyPMg8EMC9QOXPAZxDQMUJAIxTQviShsakGbFd2SrUaKPz/ Sk3Qj1S6ZE9ZgbxMyB9bGMWMa68AEQEAAYkBHwQYAQIACQUCVOX+PgIbDAAKCRBo V9ab4AX6lYqnCACPHiLN8OEyD320N107l2dywIopCBa7ZfTBXPJ5syRuMcyBOXXT 2hZy7YpWr6IrV3foOUNF3rD1ECerj7oYhx7hgkTJe7rM3+mhONZM6beXzgFG+HO3 FCiUz/thif0zkJTAjygmAB1KHNH+0AIcdRsD46N1MsPp5YeN0geF1LE50+4gvtwf W412vGqA5bYwJ8a71Gp8SAR4YWuXKt0FKSp7iCF91pSunbY7VbaqxR0H7LkaKRVZ 9m30OK7Osu396FwYxBIX1UDLMjgfMATYvkzXYvRpPAnStJGmVB/YvcX+9sQeRQE1 BKAtkyAGpzKQZ0TFd94jgevGONQ336QqHF =mRrl -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
I will honour a 10-day return/exchange for PSU's or Boards that are DOA. However, these PSU's are used and although I try to briefly load test them all before sending them out, it is impossible to predict failures. As such, no warranty will be offered beyond what was previously mentioned. If you are looking for more peace of mind, please feel free to source PSU's yourself either new or used.
BitcoinTalk Link to Contact
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New to Bitcoin mining!

Hello everyone I am recently new to the bitcoin scene. Looking into it and reading a lot here on the forums I have seen that mining in itself is not really profitable, however, I would like to do so just to gain the experience! I am currently looking at getting a miner and setting it up via raspberry pi 3. I have scoured the internet looking for something in my price range that isn't awful. I have found the AntMiner S3 ~200$ USD. I have recently been looking into just buying a hash board and running it with that as well. I am in general looking for information on the best way to get started some better setups etc... Anything would be great!
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Slush vs Antpool..and some random noob stuff

Hey all,
Im a rookie miner; got my first Antminer S3 on eBay about 2 weeks ago and since then I have acquires 3 more S3's and two S3+'s.
Power in my area is $0.10/kWh for first 300 KWh and drops to ~ $0.055 for the next 700KWh, and anything after that is ~$0.044 per KWh. I live about 20 miles from a bunch of wind power generators.
Running the six miners and a box fan 24/7 will cost ~$80 per month so I expect to make a profit, not to mention the heat the miners generate will offset some of the heat cost this fall/winter, but it's a fun hobby nonetheless... I digress..
My main question/comment is I noticed running the miners on antpool would yeild about 0.017 BTC per day, but the total hash rate on antpool averaged about 1.6 TH/s. I couldn't get my miners to maintain a hash rate of 400 GH/s for any sustainable amount of time. It was also common for a miner to drop to ~50 GH/s and rise to above 600 GH/s within a half hour. It was like this for all of the miners.
After 5 or so days of this I switched to slush pool and I am getting a steady rate around 2.5 TH/s.
Any insight into this? I searched around and couldn't find any definitive answers other than people recommending not to mine in pools based in China. This is just kind of a ramble, but any comments or constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Mining Dogecoin on S3 [Question to pro miners]

So I was able to find a used ANTMINER S3 speed is 400GHS not over clocked and in good condition for the price of USD$131, I have almost free electricity and option for free electricity as well, so how long do u think it will pay it self up if I put it on free electricity, and will it be a fine idea mining dogecoin with it or switch to multi pool? I never really had SHA256 miners or any kind of miner, used CPU before bitcoin was cool but all this is new to me since this country was in war and had a very long internet blackout which is the reason I lost all my bitcoins that was on MTGOX and instawallet "Both got hacked lost 33BTC".
Any advice like best pools, what profit to expect will be welcome and I will be thankful, I am buying the S3 anyway since I rushed into buying it and only waiting for it to ship now, and I am willing to use it to help in dogecoin community for fun and profit.
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Instantaneous Mining Cost Analysis

Thought I'd try my hand at seeing what price mining justifies. tl;dr: Looks like current efficiency and hash rate justify a price of $120. Above this price, it is rational for miners to sell immediately to reinvest in more mining equipment.
Premise 1: Any mining equipment will be online if and only if it is generating more revenue than the cost of energy to power the device.
Premise 2: Some profit resulting from coins sold is going to be reinvested into future mining equipment.
Premise 3: Very little debt is being generated to buy mining equipment.
Conclusion: We can ignore cost of mining hardware in price justification calculations, because miners don't need to "recoup" this cost - it has been paid for by past profits, with the initial profit being made by hardware already owned (cpus and gpus). You can disagree with Premise 3, in which case this analysis is a lower bound for the price to mine a coin.
  1. Source cost to mine a coin from Premise 1. Currently, AntminerS3 does 1.3Billion hashes per Joule, lets use that as an average. 1.9E9 hash/J
  2. Find total hashpower of network. 2.4E17 hash/s
  3. Find total cost of energy to run that much hashpower. National average around $0.12 per kWh. [$0.12 $/kWh] / [3.6E6 J/kWh] = 3.33E-8 $/J [1.9E9 hash/J] / [3.33E-8 $/J] = 4.5E16 hash/$ [2.4E17 hash/s] / [4.5E16 hash/$] = 4.44$/s [4.44$/s] * 24 * 60 * 60 = $460,800 per day.
  4. Find total bitcoins created per day. Looks like average blocks per day is around 154.25 given that we are at block#323842 at this time. 25 * 154.25 = 3,856.25 BTC/day
  5. Compare to current cost. 460,800 $/day / 3856.25 BTC/day = 119.49 $/BTC
  6. The other thing we have is how much the hash rate would need to be (at this hash efficiency/J) to justify the current price. [2.4E17 hash/s] * [Current Price ($330) / $119.49] = 6.63E17 hash/s = 663M GHash
Try to poke some holes in the reasoning and the math, I'm sure there's at least one mistake somewhere.
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Antminer S3 (Bitcoin;SHA-256;440GH/s) Mining Rig Bitmain AntMiner S3+ 450Gh/s bis 500Gh/s ASIC Miner BTC Bitcoin Bitmaintech Bitmain Antminer S3 Unboxing And Hands On Solar Powered Bitcoin Antminer S3 Setup Bitmain Antminer S3 Beeping Sound

Bitcoin-Miner Bitmain AntMiner S3+ ASIC Miner 453 GH/s. 259,00 € Enthält 16% MwSt. zzgl. Versand. Bei Lieferungen in Nicht-EU-Länder können zusätzliche Zölle, Steuern und Gebühren anfallen. AntMiner S3+ Dual Blades Hash-Rate: 453 GH/s Leistungsaufnahme: ca. 355 W bei 453 GH/s Stromversorgung: 2-4 x +12V DC (PCIe PEG 6-Pin Stecker) Abmessungen: 137 mm x 160 mm x 331 mm ... Evolution of Antminer. Antimers have a long history in providing miners in the market. Starting from 2013 by laughing the very first miner (Antminer S1) and succeeding new miners which have an enhanced hash power and efficiency, mainly popularized by the Antminer S9. Bitmain Antminer L3+ Bitcoin Miner + Bitmain APW3+ Netzteil Litecoin Miner (LTC) EUR 349,00. Bitmain AntMiner AntRouter R1-LTC Scrypt WiFi Crypto Miner mit ASIC Chip Schwarz. EUR 75,90 . Bisher: Bisheriger Preis EUR 79,90. Bitmain Antminer S9 13.5 th/s ² Incl. PSU. EUR 249,00. Bitmain AntRouter R1-LTC WiFi Router Scrypt Miner Mining 802.11g/n 2.4G ASIC Neu. EUR 86,90. Crypto Browser Bitcoin ... ASIC Miner Value. Profitability; Opportunities; Directories. Manufacturers; Vendors; Help. FAQ; Contact us; BTC = $13,050.73. Bitmain Antminer S3. Description. Model Antminer S3 from Bitmain mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 478Gh/s for a power consumption of 366W. Profitability . Period /day /month /year; Income: $0.07 (0 BTC) $2.20 (0.0001 BTC) $26.37 (0.002 BTC ... The Bitmain AntMiner S3 is the best value of any Bitcoin miner currently on the market. While other manufacturers ask you to wait indefinitely for preorders which may never come, Bitmain has been delivering consistently for months. The AntMiner S3 offers users one of the easiest setup experiences of any Bitcoin miner. Just plug it in, configure its IP address, enter your mining pool ...

[index] [6343] [16861] [8953] [5056] [10546] [18123] [41927] [37524] [11965] [29360]

Antminer S3 (Bitcoin;SHA-256;440GH/s) Mining Rig

1TH Dragon Bitcoin Miner (ASIC) - Basic Overview, Configuration & Performance Video - Duration: 6:10. Bitcoin Miner's Roundtable 222,904 views Antminer S3 + GekkoScience Wireless Bitcoin Solo Block Mining Bryce Guy. Loading... Unsubscribe from Bryce Guy? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1.33K. Loading ... Bitmain AntMiner S3+ 450Gh/s bis 500Gh/s ASIC Miner BTC Bitcoin Bitmaintech SkullGold. Loading... Unsubscribe from SkullGold? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 4.34K ... How to Set Up a Bitcoin Mining Rig w/ BITMAIN ANTMINER U2 & CGMiner - Duration: ... Bitmain AntMiner S3+ 450Gh/s bis 500Gh/s ASIC Miner BTC Bitcoin Bitmaintech - Duration: 1:20. SkullGold 2,337 ... Having fun still, bitcoin mining with an old Bitmain Antminer S3 powered via a 450-watt solar panel array, MPPT solar charge controller, and two T72 deep cell 12V batteries in parallel.